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Why you shouldn’t worry when you don’t get likes on your social posts.
15 March 2021
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It’s a well-known fact that the internet was made for cat videos.

If you post:
😻 a video of your cat;
🐶 a cute picture of your dog;
🤣a witty, topical meme
you will get likes on your social media posts All. Day. Long.

You will never get the same reaction to a sales post. Or a testimonial.
But that’s ok. Because you can’t pay your mortgage with likes. You can’t buy your kids’ school shoes with double-taps. You can’t take your family on holiday with social media reactions.

You have to stop focusing on likes.

My daughter’s school uses a piece of software to track the children’s reading progression. Every time she reads a book, she completes a short online test. It scores her comprehension of what she has read and awards her points. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but you get the idea. Every book at school is on the database. Every book has a points value.

During lockdown, my daughter read a book from her bedroom bookcase. It wasn’t on the database, which meant that she couldn’t take a test.

She was reading of her own accord. Excellent.

She didn’t get any points and the teacher wasn’t able to assess how many words she had read. Bugger.

So when she next chose a story to read, I asked her to check if it was “on the system”. And I caught myself. And I kicked myself for it. I’d stopped her from reading a book she wanted to read (and she’s not a keen reader) because she wouldn’t get points.

I was teaching to the test. I <almost> only let her read a book that would get points. And make us both look good.

The thing that mattered was that she was reading. Not how many points she got in a database.

And here’s where I get back to the topic at hand… If you focus on likes, you will teach to the test. If you measure your success by the number of likes, you’ll only post social media content that gets likes. Not clicks to your website. Not enquiries in your DMs. Not bookings in your diary or sales through your checkout.

Anyone can like a post – what you need them to do is buy what you sell.

  • To click on your link.
  • Learn more on your blog.
  • Visit your website.
  • Book a discovery call.
  • Visit your online shop.
  • Signup for your emails.

THOSE are the interactions that matter. Those are the actions that will lead to money in the bank. So that you can pay your mortgage, buy your children school shoes and take your family on holiday. Those are the results you should focus on.

If you are:

  • Showing up regularly on your social media platforms.
  • Talking about the solution you provide to your ideal client’s problems.
  • Telling people what you sell and how they can buy it.
  • Showing people how you have helped others to solve the problems they have.

…and you’re not getting sales from your social media marketing, get in touch.

Book a social media audit or a 1-2-1 session. I’ll give you actionable steps you can take to make more money from your social media marketing

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