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September 2021 Hashtag holidays and awareness events for Social Media marketing.
29 August 2021
An autumnal fiels next to the sea, with the text overlay September #Holidays
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This month is…

Sepsis Awareness Month

Friendship Month

Sourdough September

Read A New Book Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Piano Month

Suicide Prevention Month

Sewing Month

September Awareness Events 2021

Hashtag Holidays this month include…

1st Tofu Day

2nd V-J Day

Calendar Adjustment Day

3rd Welsh Rarebit Day

Skyscraper Day

4th Macademia Nut Day

5th World Samosa Day

Be Late For Something Day

Hashtag Holidays September 2021 – Will you be late on the 5th?

6th Fight Procrastination Day

Read A Book Day

7th Beer Lovers Day

8th Pardon Day

Star Trek Day

9th Weinerschitzel Day

Teddy Bear Day

10th TV Dinner Day

World Suicide Prevention Day

11th Make your bed day

12th Video Games Day

Hashtag holidays to incorporate into your social media marketing in September

13th Fortune Cookie Day

Celiac Awareness Day

14th Cream Filled Doughnut Day

15th World Afro Day

16th Play-Doh Day

Guacamole Day

17th International Country Music Day

18th First Love Day

Cheeseburger Day

19th Talk Like a Pirate Day

Wondering what to write about in your social media posts in September? Are any of these events relevant to your business and your customers?

20th Pepperoni Pizza Day

21st Escapology Day

World Alzheimer’s Day

22nd World Car Free Day

Business Women’s Day

23rd Restless Legs Awareness Day

25th Works Dream Day

Fitness Day

26th Human Resource Professional Day

When there’s a holiday that you know your ideal client will be using, use the hashtag and engage with people using it. A perfect opportunity to be social on social media!

27th Tourism Day

28th Drink Beer Day

29th Biscotti Day

        World Heart Day

30th Rumi Day

Search for posts using the hashtag, see if they look like your ideal client and if they do, like their posts, leave comments and if appropriate follow their account.

Wondering how to use these in your Social Media Marketing?


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