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Are you struggling to achieve consistent leads and sales with social media?


You feel left behind by tech and competitors


You don’t know what TO do or what NOT to do.


You struggle to plan. You're on social media everyday, but there's no structure to it.


You know that selling on social media works, because when you post you get more sales. But you're too busy serving those customers to keep up on social!


You don't know how to reach your audience online.


You waste so much time trying to figure it out, and when you do write something, you worry that you sound too salesy.


And just when you think you might have figured it out, Zuckerberg changes the rules again…

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Enter the Pepper Social Club!

The membership where you can learn how to master social media to:

✨Wake up to an inbox full of sales emails.

✨Wake up to a calendar bursting with appointments full of clients you are dying to work with.

✨Make enough money to hire a VA.

In the Pepper Social Club you will find:

✨Platform specific trainings.

Answers to YOUR specific questions. No trawling to find the answer that best fits your issue.

✨A safe place to learn and get feedback.

Guest experts on complementary subjects such as marketing strategy, sales funnels, blog writing, story telling and mindset.

 For less than the price of a takeaway you could have:

All of your Social Media questions answered – no matter what changes.
A community of like-minded business owners by your side to tell you what does and doesn’t work.
Accountability – So you’re not just saying what you’d like to do. You’re actually doing it.


Will achieve business growth for people who are struggling with social media marketing but want to achieve consistent leads and sales.

Meet your Social Club Hostess…

I’m Lynda Pepper and I’ve been using social media to market small businesses since 2012.

At Pepper Social, I run workshops and 1-2-1 training for entrepreneurs and business owners like you, so that they spend less time fretting about social media and make more money doing what they love.



The pepper Social Club includes…


These 1 hour trainings will be delivered by myself or industry experts. They will be focused on action, not just learning. Attend live or catch up with the recordings when it suits you.



Answers to YOUR specific questions. No trawling to find the answer that best fits your issue.


You’ll have the opportunity to speak to me 1-2-1 to bounce ideas and help you take that next step along the road to social media marketing success.


All masterclasses, sounding boards and Q&A sessions will be recorded and you will be able to access all this and more inside your exclusive members areas.


Your journey is your journey. I have developed a strategic path to move you forward. And keep moving forwards. To take the next right step.


  A group of like-minded business owners by your side. Support when your head is spinning. Cheerleaders when you are winning!


“Lynda was particularly good at coaching me in the use of social media in our individual business setting. She also helped demystify the whole area of hashtags and made lots of suggestions of appropriate hashtags and when I should use them. I would definitely recommend her” 


Shop Owner

“Lynda is so down to earth, patient and easy to learn from”



“Lynda listened to my business plan, gave me tips to go away and implement and since I have seen a massive shift in engagement and now I am focussed and believe in myself and the business”


Business Owner

WHat does it cost?

Best Value


12-Month Membership

Only £300

Get 2 months free * save £60

Includes Monthly Masterclasses

Live Q&A sessions

Sounding boards sessions

Exclusive community of like minded business owners 

Most Flexible

£30 per month*

Founding members get to join at my lowest price ever (It will never be this price again) and lock in at this price for the lifetime of your membership – even when the price goes up later this year!


Includes Monthly Masterclasses

Live Q&A sessions

Sounding boards sessions

Exclusive community of like minded business owners 

*Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your billing period.


What is a founding member?

The Pepper Social Club is a brand new membership!

The first people to sign up will be founding members. You will enjoy the lowest ever joining price (for as long as you remain a member) even when the price goes up for new members (which it will in the Autumn).

Founding member spots are limited. You are a special bunch and I want to get to know you all, and help you to succeed before anyone else joins us.

As founding members you have the unique opportunity to shape the way the membership works, so that I can give you exactly what you need to progress.

Have I got time for this?

I understand what it’s like trying to spin ALL of the plates and wear all of the hats when you are running a business.

I won’t be demanding your full attention for days on end. An hour a week will be more than enough and my aim is to stop some of the overwhelm you are feeling, not to add to it. 

And life happens. As I write this, two of my children are in self-isolation and my mental load is at capacity. The Pepper Social Club will never be about “Keeping Up.” There will be no “behind”. I will not send you to detention. 

The Pepper Social club is here to support you in taking the next step in growing your business, at your own pace. Your journey is your journey, and we’ll be here to celebrate with you as you make progress however fast or slow that journey might be.

Do I get access to everything straight away?

You’ll get access to the Facebook community as soon as you join. The exclusive membership area is under construction and will be available in the late summer/early Autumn. As a founding member you will be able to offer valuable insight into how this will work to best serve you!

When can I join?

The membership will open for new members quarterly, and each time it opens the prices goes up. Current members have the price locked for as long as they are members. But if they let their membership expire and want to join again, they will have to pay the current price.

Can I cancel?

You won’t want to 😉. But should you need to cancel it’s easy to do in your account. You can leave at any time and retain access to all assets until the end of your billing period. (either the end of the month or if you pay annually, the end of the 12 month period).

What if I miss a class?
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