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Not all trolls live under bridges. Easy ways to deal with Trolls on social media.
23 June 2021
A photograph of a stone bridge over a canal in summer. The sky is blue. The trees are green. No trolls can be seen.
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When I was little, trolls were green, goat eating creatures. Lured out from under their bridges by the trip trap, trip trap of cloven hooves.

Now, they are anonymous, soul-eating creatures. Lured out by the scent of someone putting themselves out there on Social Media.

I’ve seen various comments over the last few years along the line of “You know you’ve made it when you get your first troll.”

I’ve also spoken to individuals too scared to raise their heads above the social media parapet for fear of trolls.
If you put your business in front of the general public, you will reach lovely people who are your ideal client. You may also attract the attention of the less lovely element of the internet.

So here are my tips for dealing with a troll, if you meet one.

What is a troll?

Trolls are bullies. Trolls are shit stirrers. Some are bored. Some are mentally disturbed. Their sole aim? To humiliate others.

Trolls get a kick out of commenting on social media posts, with varying degrees of nastiness. Or worse pop into your DMs to spew their nonsense away from the view of the public.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Never fight with a pig, the pig likes it and you both get muddy?”

How about “Never fight with an idiot? They’ll bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience”
Both of these apply here.

If you get a troll commenting publicly on your post – try one of the following in order, or simply skip to step 3:

1) Respond publicly. Professionally. Once. Don’t get into a slanging match.

2) Ask your biz buddies to step in for you in the comments. If you have built a community of lovely followers, you’ll probably find them doing this for you before you even see the troll is there.

3) Delete the comments. Block the troll.

In summary

Sometimes we have to deal with negativity online as a result of being visible on social media. Not everyone will like what you’re doing. You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. And THAT’s ok.

It’s a sorry fact that if you put yourself and your business “out there” on social media you are opening yourself and your business up to the possibility of trolling. THAT’S NOT ok.

I hope none of you ever experience the same. But in case you do… have a policy for dealing with it.

This is mine…
When it comes to trolls do not engage.

Do not attempt to reason.

Do not give them any of your energy or headspace.

This is not the time for #BeKind.

Protect your mental health and – BLOCK, BLOCK, BLOCK, BLOCKITY , BLOCK!!!!!

And of course, if you see someone being trolled, check-in with them. Drop them a quick message and remind them how awesome they are.

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