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How to create a hashtag for your business in 5 easy steps
12 April 2021
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Creating a hashtag for your business is a great way:

  • for customers to find you online,
  • for your clients and advocates to promote you and
  • for you to keep track of people talking about your brand online.

Using your own hashtag enables followers to see other content from you and our community.

So how do you do it? Here are 5 steps and a word of warning, to help you grow your brand awareness, for the right reasons…

Step 1) Decide on a name.

Using your business name can be a simple way to start for example #PepperSocial

Or focus on a core element of your business or the benefits of your product. For example, #TheFrankEffect by @Frank_Body

TIP: Use Capitalisation where you are combining more than one word in a hashtag. This makes them much easier for new readers to recognise. And can help you to avoid embarrassing misinterpretation, more on that later….

Step 2) Do a search to ensure that it’s not already in use.

Once you have someone on your page, you don’t want to lose them to another account when they click on your hashtag. Especially if they are competitors in the same market!

Tip: Check Twitter, Instagram and Google.

Step 3) Start to use the hashtag

In your posts.

  • In your posts
  • On your stories
  • In email footers
  • On flyers
  • On packaging…

Wherever you have your branding, have your hashtag.

Step 4) Follow your own hashtag.

This one is Instagram specific. Search for your hashtag, then click the “Follow” button.

You’ll see posts using your hashtag in your feed, though it’s worth doing a regular search too!

Step 5) Create more than one hashtag.

Consider creating new hashtags for events and even individual products. What works for major events, #Wimbledon2021, #IWD2021 can work for you too.

TIP: Organising an event? Encourage all involved to use your hashtag. It can help to raise everyone’s profile online and create a buzz among ticket holders, leading to more sales.

A final word on proofreading your hashtag…

Ask a friend/colleague/family member to sanity-check your hashtag. Remember the 2012 faux pax around Susan Boyle’s album launch? #Susanalbumparty caused a furore on Twitter before changing to #SusanBoylesAlbumParty.

Or Chester Literary Festival’s unfortunate use of hashtag #CLitFest.

If it fits your brand you could be playful and create your hashtag to leave it open to misinterpretation. Amazon’s Hit Car Show “The Grand Tour” did. #amazonshitcarshow. Not everyone got the joke, and engagement on their post rocketed on Twitter…

In summary, create your own hashtag, use it in your marketing and get more eyes on your social media content!

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