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How I learned the importance of social media marketing to small businesses.
23 November 2020
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I haven’t always worked in marketing. My first business wasn’t in social media. But my first business was where I learned the importance of social media marketing!

My first venture into self employment was in retail. I started with a Facebook page. I used it organically and I used Facebook ads, with mixed success. I dabbled with Twitter, I spent whole days down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and then Instagram came along…

What I learnt was that the more I used those channels to drive new clients to my shop, the more orders I got. But that I had to do that consistently.

  • Sometimes I was inconsistent because I was too busy fulfilling orders.
  • Sometimes I didn’t show up because I found social media draining and all consuming and I needed a break.
  • Sometimes I loved it, but I didn’t always prioritise it. Everything else came first, in the business and in life, and posting on social media would slide right to the bottom of the “must remember to do that sometime” list.

I investigated outsourcing my social media. I spoke to Virtual Assistants. I explored marketing agencies. But finding someone to trust to do it for me was hard.

Then one Christmas I was so busy making, dispatching, responding to messages and trying to keep on top of everything in my business that I realised something had to give. Or be given to someone else…

So if that’s you. Now. If you’re at the tipping point, of needing help, but not feeling happy to hand it over, lets talk. I’ve been in your shoes.

And when I got too busy to show up, the funnel of orders would inevitably slow down.

You can’t do it all.

You’re not entirely comfortable with outsourcing it.

Or you can’t afford to outsource it.

Let me meet you where you are. And lets do it together.

Drop me a line and let’s find the best way for you to build your community online, get more leads and make more sales using social media marketing.

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