Do you need social media and digital marketing expertise on your team but don’t want the cost of recruitment or the commitment of a full-time employee? 

Hiring a freelancer could provide the perfect balance.


Perhaps you have a project coming up, and you need more hands on deck (but you want to make sure at least some of these hands know what they're doing)!


Perhaps you have a lot of temporary or seasonal work in the company right now and need help to keep things running smoothly.


Perhaps you have junior members on your team who need support, training, and supervision to up-level their social media and digital marketing skills.


Perhaps your company provides training and digital marketing support, but clear knowledge gaps exist. Instead of signposting clients to another business, you can keep them by bringing new expertise to your team in a simple, quick and cost-effective way.

I’ve supported businesses in various ways, listening to what they need and providing bespoke freelance services to fit. 

I work in-house across South Cheshire and North Staffordshire and across the country when able to do the work virtually. 

Some of the projects I’ve been involved in include; 

• Regular digital marketing training for an apprenticeship company. 

• Mentoring junior members of staff in a PR and Marketing company, helping them to be more strategic and putting in place procedures and improved ways of working with digital marketing clients. 

• Content writing for clients, which includes blogs, social media posts and articles. 

• White label freelancing as a trainer and provider. 

Because all of these relationships are unique in terms of time and commitment, the investment will also vary. 

To discuss how I can help you and your business by bringing a safe pair of hands and a fresh pair of eyes to your digital marketing, book yourself on a no-obligation chat here. 

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Lynda has been providing our Social Media for some time now and has been fantastic. She is proactive and reacts to our needs in a flexible and timely way. Lynda adds value through her creative flair and insight into marketing. Her background and experience lends brilliantly to understanding and promoting our business.

Great to work with. Highly recommend.

Dominic Surry

Skill Supply

Freelance social media consultant

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