I know my stuff. Apart from being active on social media all day, every day, I keep my skills up-to-date by investing in the best training out there.


I know what I’m doing. Having well-thought out systems and processes means that when you work with me, you’ll know exactly what’s happening and when.


I won’t let you down. My track record shows that I’m loyal and dedicated in all the work that I do. I really care about my clients, and it shows.

I started my first business in 2012 when I was at home with three small children.

I wanted to be at home for them. I also needed to use my brain.

Returning to my pre-children role in government IT and Statistics wasn’t an option as we relocated from Leeds to rural Cheshire to be nearer to family and there weren’t the same opportunities here.

I started an online retail business. It grew and I loved it. I learnt about marketing products and navigating the world of online sales. The ever-changing world of online marketing satisfied my curiosity and the need to learn, to try, to test, tweak and evolve….

My very young children grew and so did the business. With everyone now at school I could ramp things up, I pulled out all of the marketing stops!

Christmas 2016 rolled around and the workload nearly broke me. Sales were amazing. Money was coming in but I didn’t have time to go Christmas shopping. I resented taking half a day off to attend the school Christmas concert. I had too much work to do.

My phone made the “Ker-ching!” sound that alerted me to an online sale, and instead of doing the happy dance an order once provoked, I shuddered and dreaded making the product that had been ordered.

This wasn’t why I started down the road of self-employment. Where was the work life balance?

I needed help in my business. I could no longer do it all. I couldn’t employ anyone in the traditional sense, I worked from my dining room table. It was time to outsource.

Searching for areas of work to hand over, social media seemed an obvious choice. It took up a lot of my time. Planning, creating content, posting, analysing what was working and what wasn’t, interacting with my audience, building community online, keeping abreast of constant changes, learning new platforms….

Social media could be outsourced and completed virtually. There was no need for access to my physical stock. I began my search, and as I researched VAs and social media “gurus”, it became obvious to me that THIS was the part of the job I enjoyed the most. Not creating my product. Not standing at gift fairs. The social media. The creativity and the geekery that went with it.

And so the seeds of a new business were sown. I would offer my services as a Social Media Manager, in tandem with the retail business during the first quarter of 2017 and see what happened….

Do you have mind monkeys? I did. The monkeys chattered. “You’ve got a BSc not a marketing degree”. “You aren’t qualified to do this”.

But I was.

I had on the job experience and many many hours of study under my belt. Not only that, but I had been in the shoes of my clients. I too had been clueless starting out. I too had been unable to do all of the jobs, and needed to outsource….

I started to tell people in my network about my new venture. I took on some associate work and started to get referrals….

To the shock of many people who knew me, I closed my (successful!) retail business in April 2017 and I haven’t looked back.

In fact I moved into my first office in 2019, no longer working from the kitchen table!

From there I now help business owners who have reached capacity, as I did. Who are ready to outsource to someone else, so that they can focus on the reason they started their businesses.

I also run local workshops for those who haven’t yet reached that stage. I love the “aha!” moments in my workshops. As ideas fall into place. I love seeing trainees social accounts blossom as they use all that I have taught them.

I love my job. If you are starting out and need training, get in touch.

If you are ready to outsource, get in touch.

I’d love to help.


“Lynda delivered lots of information in an engaging way.I really enjoyed my time on the course. Totally recommend!”

Karen Morris

Hall Farm Shop – Alsager

Freelance social media consultant 


07932 610284

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